Might as well do this again ^_^

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Might as well do this again ^_^

Post  Solarium King on Fri Jun 10, 2011 6:06 pm

Hi, I'm Solarium King, I'm kinda pissy and kinda funny and kinda lame and kinda fun.

Hell to the yes.

I thought I might do this over again, since my first one was GOD AWFUL.

What are my interests and hobbies?

I'm planning on going professional gaming for Starcraft 2, and I have weak competition feelings for this tournament. Not that I wouldn't mind winning, but losing isn't really a big deal for me either. If you play Starcraft 2, add me, and I would like to 1v1 you ^_^ I play Random by the way, I'm aiming to be the 2nd TLO. I'm also a Superchamp in Tennis Singles. I'd like to think I'm pretty good, LOL.

What are my goals for the future?

I want to go into Psychology, though I have no plans further than that. I think I might give that up and try to go into the Stock Market and hopefully make millions ^_^. I guess you can pretty much tell, but I like to quit a lot, unless I see something more into it than personal satisfaction. I'm a bad motivator... oh well. I can write pretty well too though, so I might end up going for something in writing, like maybe writing a book or being an editor...

Anyways, I just wanna be rich and successful.

When I play games, how do I play? Aggressive, Passive, or Defensive?

I'm usually a mixture between Passive and Defensive (turtle-ish). I'm AWFUL at being Aggressive, especially in the early game. I have the APM, but it's just not my style to play like that. When I play Terran, it's almost an auto-lose for me, because of the BAD macro mechanic. I never feel safe unless I have at least 2 bases. I love the mid-game part, where I can win easily. Late game, no one likes that, but I feel it's a home away from home, because of the way I play.

What is my take on the LGT?

Don't have one, just wanna have fun for the rest of my life ^_^! I s'pose it'd be "always lose" LOL. I barely stay alive most of the games, I get REALLY lucky xD.

Do you have a 6-pack?

Unfortunately, no Sad. I don't work out for the babes, I'm working out now for beating people in fights, so I train my butt and my back muscles.

Are you hot?

I like to think I am ^_^.

Are you into yourself?

No, I just accept things as they are.

What are your weaknesses?

This is what I learned while playing Starcraft 2, and it's still a major weakness (the one reason I hate the early game): I can't scout my base. In better terms, I mean if I join an alliance, I'll probably never doubt a single one of you guys unless you give me reason to. And usually by then, it's too late, especially for this kind of tournament where you rely on doubt. I have trouble lying as well, not because I'm awful at it, but because I just don't like doing it. If I feel like your an ally, I'll probably reveal everything to you as if I was a teenage girl LOL.

Are you sexist?

Extremely. Girls aren't good at driving.

Are you racist?


Do you like Korean music?

Love it. SNSD - Gee Very Happy, what HOTTIES Razz.

Do you like Korean people?

Jealous of them, how can you be so good at every game :O? dSeleCT is my favourite player, by the way.

What're you good at?

I'm good at managing money and increasing an income Neutral. It's what I do in Starcraft 2 that allows me to enjoy the middle and late game more than most others who need to finish it fast. I'm also not really much of a leader, but I can motivate people, I guess lol. I'm kinda a little weird too.

Solarium King
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Re: Might as well do this again ^_^

Post  LSRose on Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:22 am

Solarium King wrote:
Do you like Korean music?

Love it. SNSD - Gee Very Happy, what HOTTIES Razz.

Do you like Korean people?

Jealous of them, how can you be so good at every game :O? dSeleCT is my favourite player, by the way.

LOLOLOL Sol I just gained a little more respect for you XD
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