M! Theory of survivant

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M! Theory of survivant

Post  NM on Wed Mar 02, 2011 8:39 am

In order to survive well at life Life Force has adapted 4 pattern in our world that are different paths in order for an organism to survive.

In case that Life Force itself is M5 and it balance & contains all 4 states, and while M0 is being a dead/mindless/inanimate object, you get these 4 patterns like this:

M1-Basic acknowledge about the environment, you may find children and the naive might be possessed with this kind of thinking... The world I see as it is, and the rules that were given to me as is... Being lead by other with greater M acknowledgement.

M2-When an object is in a danger or a threat, and he stand with no solution or being suppressed to a point of being a victim it's the second state... Others who are M1 won't realize, know or be affected about that danger, so there for they are on the first acknowledgment, but what differs M2 and add the additional acknowledgment is the fact that he realize there's a threat/problem that others may not realize or notice there is, so therefore, other M1 won't suffer from

M3-If you overcome a problem, threat, danger and manage to use the result for your own self and others beneficial, and actively increasing their chance for survival you become like that.
An M3 is a state of a healthy, sane, well being individual who progress his and others survival as well as is moving toward the dynamic of life force as well as getting others upper toward that dynamic.

M4-The opposing case of M3, Instead of overcoming the threat and using it for own and others good, an M4 will use the threatening situation for his own beneficial by using that threat against others, whatever it is, technology, weapon, or destructive element, An M4 survival method is by opposing to survival, and therefore, after causing destruction to others it may destruct itself as well...

M5-Life force, is in constant balancing of all other survival methods related to this world. We can't be the M5, But all others are parts of it and included in.


As you can observe, the highest the number, is actually a more powerful way to thrive trough survival and trough life force... But as you can see with cars... And over-burned engine won't do the work, Therefore, To be fully connected to life force It's ideal for an organism to stay at M3, no crossing about the range of M3.5 or M2.5 which either he give up for his own self rights or take others rights and abilities for survival... M4 is actually when you take other organisms basic rights and need for survival leaving them with an absence that may cause suppression on them or may lead to destruction of these organisms... Too much destruction and the such of mistakes as I explained may lead the M4 for it's own destruction, even if he chose the most powerful method.

Therefore, Here is a simple advice for life:
Know your rights, keep these rights, and keep others rights to survive, thrive, and prosper... Never ever give on an attempt to thrive over taking others rights in a way that may lead them to absence that may suppress them and stop them from being able to thrive... Therefore, When you are balanced on the scale from 1 to 5, you are in harmony with the force of life... You are balanced and you may serve a great example for others to be like and learn from, Means that they key is to make any other state M1,2 and 4 to balance and harmony. This is the key for a successful thrive, peace & harmony... Doing else-way may be incomplete potential as M1 or M2, or lead to destruction of the environment and it's inhabitants as an M4.

Therefore, I wish you all love, peace and affinity, and the ability to fulfill your and others life with joy, happiness, peace and love.

May Love and prosper be with you!


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Re: M! Theory of survivant

Post  Xanatos on Wed Mar 02, 2011 8:45 am

good advice
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Re: M! Theory of survivant

Post  monday on Wed Mar 02, 2011 6:29 pm

Another interesting topic by Nastyman.
Thank you for sharing this and for the lovely advice! Very Happy
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Re: M! Theory of survivant

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