Current Liar Chess Issues

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Current Liar Chess Issues

Post  Glass on Sat Oct 23, 2010 8:19 pm

Ok just recently nearco implemented a 4 day period to say what move you are doing (I assume this rule is mostly pointed at me) and I am NOT here to complain about that, I think that four days is more than enough time to post.

We all see that there are problems with Liar Chess. These problems are not easily faced by the LGT because during round 1, and to an extent, the revival round the LGT officers were being bitched at for changing rules by people that it inconvenienced. I see that they are afraid of changing things because the wrath of the players. The point of the thread is to give the dealers free reign to change shit up. If you agree, say so.

There are many reasons why the LGT would have to change things in a round since they cannot foresee everything that will happen in a round, things that I think would allow the LGT to change things up: (Note this is my personal opinion)

1. If the game was broken
2. If the game will go on forever
3. If "Nao" style playing is capable

Honestly I think that the second rule describes Liar Chess perfectly. Liar Chess is great in the fact that it is truly zero sum, but the issue is that there are too few pieces for such a large board. Less than half the pieces of a regular chess board for a board thats almost double the size. This makes it very easy to avoid unnecessarily losing pieces, and that there are only exchanges of pieces (bishop for bishop), and the teams will thus rebuy these pieces next turn.

There are only two ways in which liar chess can end:

1. If one king obtains "better" exchanges continually and thus has the ability to checkmate the other king
2. If both kings agree to end the game

The first option will take, due to my calculations, over 9000 years. The second option actually causes the game to become broken as the kings will just sap the coins from everyone that is not allied with them. If the kings are 100% loyal to their team then allying with the other king is impossible.

How can this problem be fixed?

There are many ways:

1. Have it so that when someone takes another piece those coins go into a "outer" personal account that they can only access at the end of the game.
2. Create a turn limit
3. Remove the center squares and give a benefit to checkmating the other king (this will cause more focus on actually checkmating instead of monopolizing the center; this will still cause the game to go on a while, but not AS long)
4. decrease the cost of pieces (again, not quite as effective but will do the job)

I personally like options 1 and 2 as they cause the game to definitely have an ending, while number 1 will most likely result in a draw.

Anyways, give your opinions and whatnot.

Also: I may be quitting the LGT in the near future (on an unrelated matter), this is not definite though.
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Re: Current Liar Chess Issues

Post  Nearco on Sat Oct 23, 2010 9:07 pm

Well, with the exception of promotion and the middle squares, half the pieces are effectively put into an "outer account". But... we may be up for implementing #2. Definitely helpful.

Just so you know, Forli hasnt had any major complaints about his group, it's been Sora mostly. For pretty much the entire game.

Also... NOT THE FINAL MUSKETEER!!!! I'm the only one left in the game, and I'm dealing it...
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