September 20 - Liar Chess Rules Change

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September 20 - Liar Chess Rules Change

Post  Nearco on Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:20 pm

OK. Straight up, I'm gonna apologize. Someone is gonna get offended anyway. However, I believe you guys will agree that this rules change is necessary.

We initially assumed that, if a player played in the revival round, he would wish to continue playing in round 2. It was kinda the point of the revival round, after all. However, we have still been plagued by inactives, so we are implementing some modifications to take care of this. Future games will

If you are going to be inactive, and you post as such, then the king cannot give you permission. This will be valid for, at most, 1 week. If you are going for more than a week, please find a replacement. After that, you may be given permission again. If you do not give warning or you take more than a week and do not find a replacement, then the king may give you permission, and if you do not reply, your moves will be decided by the king.

If you are the king, and you are going to be inactive, you may give permission to another player to take your place for up to 1 week. When you return, your position will be given back to you. If you do not do this, then the other players in your team will vote for a new king. You may also find someone outside of the game to substitute for you in the meantime.

If a player is inactive, and does not give us warning, s/he has 2 weeks before we will replace him/her with another player.

If you are going to be inactive, we would prefer that you find a replacement of your own accord. We will accept temporary replacements.

If a player is currently inactive, these changes will be based on their inactive time starting now.

As already stated, we are sorry that we did not implement these rules in the initial setup, both due to the problems that inactives have caused, and the fact that it is a change to the rules after the game has already stated.
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