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Liar Game Intro

Post  Leronira on Sat Jun 19, 2010 12:02 am

Welcome, players, to the Liar Game Tournament. I will be your guide to this game. You may
call me Leronira. The Liar Game is, in essence, a game about lying. That may seem redundant,
but in time you may forget the true purpose of the game. I implore that you do not. The goal
of this game is to crown the King of Liars, and after the game is finished there will be a
single winner who will earn that title. The game consists of a certain number of "Rounds" in
which we will play games that are heavily based in psychology and human relations. Your
score is measured in Yen, with each game earning or losing you no less than One Hundred
Million. The greater your total sum in each round, the more of a safety net you will have in
the next round. However, the greater your debt, the more you must win to make up for it, and
the greater your concequences for losing completely.

The game is run by us, the LGT Officers. Everything that the LGT Officer in charge of your
game says is part of the rules. Likewise, if he fails to mention something, it is not part
of the rules. Due to the online nature of the game, not all of the games can take place on
the forums. That in mind, we will be taking our game to Ventrilo. For those who do not know,
Ventrilo is a free hosting site for audio chatrooms. While it is not required that you have
a microphone to play the game, it will greatly speed up the process, since text takes longer
to communicate than speech. Please read the complete rules on the forum for guidance and
ask any questions you like. The first round of the game will begin on July the Seventeenth,
2010. The more players there are, the more fun we will have, so please help out by joining
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