Details on Yen Transfers

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Details on Yen Transfers

Post  Nearco on Tue Aug 24, 2010 5:34 am

1) Yen Transfers? What? How simplistic can you get? Why would we have questions?
Basically, to ensure everything runs smoothly. There are some things that aren't obvious, so I'm making them obvious.

2) OK. So, I want to transfer X yen to Bob. What do I do?
You PM me that you wish to transfer X yen to Bob. Then, when I next look at my PMs, I'll update it. You can contact Lero instead.

3) What does Bob have to do?
Absolutely nothing. He may also choose to cackle maniacally when he receives your hard-earned money.

4) What details do I need to include in the PM?
The amount of money, and the recipient. Make sure you check the numbers, as we will not be undoing

5) I got questions. What do I do?
PM me. Coz I love answering questions Very Happy
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