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Doubt game

Post  Forli on Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:59 pm


Players are sheep. But amongst the sheep, there are hidden wolves, disguised as sheep. Wolves act as if they were sheep: they camouflage in the herd and secretly conspire. But the sheep know about the wolves... they know that (amount) of them are actually cold blooded wolves. And wolves like that. They want to kill the sheep, one by one, and let them doubt their fellow sheep. And maybe... let them kill each other and then feed from their dead bodies.

Basic gameplay

As it was stated before, most of the players are sheep. There are some players who will be wolves (between 1 and 3, depending on the total amount of players). The game shall consist on several rounds, each of them lasting exactly 24 hours.
Sheep and wolves have different objectives for achieving victory:
Wolves’ objective is to simply kill every single sheep. When a round ends, each wolf gets to kill a sheep of his choice. The killed sheep will be eliminated from the game. I.E., if there are three wolves, each round three sheep will be killed. Wolves know each other and they will work together for slaying the sheep from the shadows.
Sheep objective is to uncover the wolves. To do so, sheep will have a single and deadly tool: Doubt.
How does Doubt work? It’s really easy. Whenever a sheep suspects that a fellow sheep is actually a hidden wolf, he can call Doubt on him. If the sheep was right and his Doubt target was indeed a disguised wolf, the sheep will win 100 million yen. The uncovered wolf will be killed and left out of the game.
But... if a sheep calls Doubt on an innocent sheep, the wolf will kill it. And not only that... the doubting sheep will be killed and left out of the game as well.
If the wolves win the match, every living wolf will proceed to the next round. Uncovered wolves do not win even if the wolf faction wins.
If the sheep win the match, the sheep with most yen will advance to the next round. If there’s a tie, every tied sheep advances to the next round.


The sheep will also have a public guardian figure: the sheperd. This will be the most powerful sheep of all. The sheperd can’t be a wolf. For him to be killed, two wolves’ attacks are required. The sheperd can’t be attacked on the first round.
The sheperd will be the preliminary round winner.

Extra rules and formalities

- Yen transactions are not allowed.
- Every player has only one contract.
- Wolves obviously can’t use Doubt.
- When a sheep uses Doubt against another player, he must do so like the following:
“Player A doubts Player B”.
- Wolves must PM their round officer saying which sheep they wish to kill. If a wolf does not do so, a sheep will be killed randomly. If a sheep wants to call Doubt on someone, he must do it in the game thread.
- If two sheep doubt on the same player, the first one in doing so will be the valid one. The other doubt call will be nullified. If two wolves try to kill the same sheep, they will be asked for a kill change. If none of them is online at the moment, a sheep will be killed randomly.

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