Liar Game Specific Details

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Liar Game Specific Details

Post  Leronira on Mon Jun 21, 2010 7:15 pm

These are the rules that take place within the specifics of the Liar Game. Please read them thoroughly.

-Yen may be transferred at any time between two players, as long as both contact an LGT Officer and agree to it. The LGT Officer cannot, however, take any money for himself, even if it is simply to hold on to until it is needed.
-Winners of the rounds have these options: Dropping out with half their winnings, or moving onto the next round with all their winnings. If they owe a debt to the LGT Office, they must pay it off before dropping out.
-The losers may choose to enter the Revival Round to earn another chance at winning money, or they may drop out of the tournament with their debts.
-You may have another player play in your behalf if they have never been part of the Tournament before.
-Finally, the winner of the Liar Game Tournament will receive the title of King of Liars as well as a $20 Gift Card to Gamestop. This reward is likely to get larger over time.
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