Preliminary Round Summary, A-C

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Preliminary Round Summary, A-C

Post  Leronira on Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:57 pm

The Preliminary Round was held on the Xat box on the Portal.


Group A's practice round got most of the way through the first round before it had to be rescheduled due to time issues. Group B's explanation took up far too much time and had to be delayed. Group C's got through the first round entirely. Most of the players bet low and ended fairly quickly.


Group A's preliminary went fairly smoothly at first, with most of the players betting the upper limit of 5000 Yen and passing the entire time. However, before the last match began, it became apparent that things were not as they seemed. Several players asked if they could transfer yen, and Leronira announced publicly that it was true that they could, as long as both players informed him about it. The final match was between Myth and Monday, both of which with a large portion of the total Yen count from transfers. They both bet the high limit and passed four times, which earned them each 30,000 Yen. However, just about everyone, including Myth, transferred their Yen to Monday. The only person who did not was R, who agreed that he might as well.

Immediately after, Solario revealed that it was he who had, in fact, won the game, as he was taking Monday's place in the tournament. The xat turned into a mixture of outrage and intrigue from various users. Leronira had known about it before, but chose not to do anything out of curiosity. After having been cornered and needing to defend his right as a dealer, Solario said that the LGT had staged the game from the very start. This led to mass complaints, which were snuffed out as best as they could by Solario, but Leronira still had PMs as proof. He decided there was no other choice but to ban Solario from the site. After a petition from xAsian_Flowerx, Solario was un-banned and allowed back as a player who also had administrator privileges, but did not know a thing about the games themselves.


Due to Group B's preliminary being delayed because of Solario's being demoted, Group C was next in order. Nearco handled the proceedings with ease. The game turned into a match between FusionBlu and Nick_of_all_Trades, their alliances being put to the test. Xanatos appeared to be on FusionBlu's side at the start, but switched his transfer to Nick. Nick got nearly everyone's money in the game, except for two, who went to FusionBlu. Nick was victorious, and subsequently was replaced in the game by his brother, Trade_of_all_Nicks.


Only four people showed up to Group B's preliminary round: Unknowns, Cryselda, SarahTeeHee, and LoveDaisy. All the games were practically the same in that End was never used. LoveDaisy transferred her Yen to SarahTeeHee, as did Unknowns and eventually Cryselda. SarahTeeHee then transferred all of it to Unknowns, who won the game.

However, there were two puppet-masters behind the affair who were competing for nothing more than entertainment. These were the two winners of the previous rounds, Solario and Trade_of_all_Nicks. Solario started out commanding Unknowns, while Trade commanded Cryselda. Solario quickly moved in for SarahTeeHee, convincing her to follow him, as well. Unknowns transferred his yen to SarahTeeHee in order to get LoveDaisy, her ally, to transfer money to her. Despite Trade's and several other players' best efforts to convince her otherwise, LoveDaisy transferred her yen to Sarah, as well. Cryselda decided to do so as well out of futility. SarahTeeHee then transferred her yen to Unknowns, Solario's underling. So, Solario won the battle against Trade.
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