Details on Contracts

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Details on Contracts

Post  Leronira on Mon Jul 12, 2010 5:41 pm

Contracts, like that used in Round 2 of the Liar Game Manga, are special methods by which two players or more can come to an agreement to work together. Each player may only sign one or two contract(s) per round, which will be defined in the rules for that round. The contracts may not extend for more than one round.

Contract basic rules:

1) A contract can be signed by two or more players. Each signing player uses up one contract.

2) In order to sign a contract, every signing player must PM the same dealer (players should always use their round officer if possible). Those PMs MUST be exactly the same. If ANY difference exists in the PM's, contract will be nullified.

3) The contract is valid ONLY when the dealer anounces so (By PM).

4) Contract CAN'T be signed before a game starts, unless the dealers allow so for any special reason, such as a minigame.

5) A signed contract remains valid BY DEFAULT until the start of the following game. However, the terms of the contract related to actions outside the game are limited, as they should only relate to transactions and things like that.
A contract can include a customized expire date (I.E "This contract will be valid for 24 hours"), but the contract will automatically expire at the start of the following game if it hasn't done so. (So, no contracts that last until the end of the tournament). Also, all contracts in the final round will expire at the end of that round.

6) By default, breaking a contract means the disqualification of the player at fault. However, the contract breaking penalty can be customized if it's written on the contract (I.E.: If anyone breaks the contract, he will give all of his money to the LGT).

7) A contract won't be valid if any of the conditions above cannot be supervised by the dealers (I.E, a contract cannot say something like "We will never speak to Player X about this contract").

8 ) If it can be supervised by the dealers, contracts can contain EVERYTHING as long as it's possible and does not go against the tournament/game rules or the law, of course.

9) Extra players may be added to a contract, as long as the contract can be expanded to contain extra signatories, and all current signatories agree.

10) A contract must state the initial set of signatories. If everyone in this initial set does not PM the dealer with the contract, it will be dismissed.
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